What is your photographic ethos?

At the core of my photography is a philosophy of genuine storytelling.

Do you photograph on film?

I photograph all of my weddings both digitally and with 35mm film. I find film produces a tangible, authentic outcome that is difficult to achieve with digital photography.

Are you just a wedding photographer?

I also work in music, photographing regularly for internationally renowned artists both on and off stages. You can see my work at oscarblair.xyz.

When will we receive our photos?

I offer a small gallery within 2 days and a full online gallery within 8 weeks of your wedding.

Do you offer other types of photography?

I also offer engagement and couple’s photography.  

I don’t like having my photo taken...

I understand! I always work together with the people within the frame to ensure that they feel comfortable and relaxed, offering poses when needed.

Can we meet beforehand?

Where it’s feasible, I meet with every couple in-person to discuss their wedding. If we can’t meet in-person, we’ll use face-to-face calls instead.  

Any other questions?

Get in touch with me at oscar@oscarblair.xyz, and I’ll reply as soon as possible.